Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More veggies in the little garden

We have now planted several more veggies and fruits in the little garden. We are up to:
cucumbers (2 types)

Funny story about the potatoes. We ordered 2 pounds of potato sets. We had no idea what we would get. So we open the brown paper bag that they came in and....there were about 12 potatoes in the bag. They looked like we could just stick them in the oven and have a baked potato for dinner! We were confused....but we planted them anyway....these whole potatoes. Well, we learned that each of those potatoes will have MANY offshoots and we will have LOTS of potatoes to cook with (mmmm....I can already taste the twice baked potatoes!).

Also, this year we ordered onion sets because as you probably remember....last year we didn't do so hot with the onion seeds. In fact, we had...oh about....one!

The front end of our garden. I like to have the string separate the different types of fruit and veggies so I know exactly where we have planted!

A raspberry bush (er.....stick?)

The garden so far.....

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