Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Garden

I DO love having a perennial garden. I haven't had a chance to plant any annuals yet, but I LOVE my perennials. It is so exciting to see them come up in the spring!

My pretty garden. See the Asiatic Lilies in the back? They haven't bloomed yet. I LOVE them, but they each only bloom once and they don't last long. Then it is sad.

I bought this last year and I don't remember what it is called. Something about a lamb? It is pretty!

My snow mound flower from my assistant. She gave it to me in the fall and I am excited it survived the winter. Also, you can see my Hens and Chicks. I got this plant last year from the VBS kids but did a bad job with it. I planted it in my garden, but it didn't look so good. My assistant at school also gave a Hens and Chicks plant when I told her about doing a bad job with it and LOOK it is looking good!

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