Thursday, May 28, 2009

We are Engaged!

I know this is old news now, but it is the end of the school year and things are a little crazy (parent-teacher conferences, portfolios, end of the year books, music CDs, movie and photo DVDs, end of the year sings, etc).

But...we are engaged! Two weekends ago Adam and I went to Michigan for the weekend. We went last year to visit the Lake Shore Wine Trail and I thought we were going this year again just for fun. We spent Saturday afternoon visiting wineries in the area (lots of yummy wine!!!!). Then we went to the beach by our hotel and sat watching the sun set and talking. Then he popped the question! I was so excited and surprised and I said, "Are you serious??" about...7 times. Then he asked for an answer and I finally said, "Yes!" and he pulled out the ring. By the time we left the beach we were a little bit cold because we sat talking for so long!

We have already set a date and booked the church and the reception hall. We have had a lot of fun planning so far and Adam is great. He came over right after we got engaged with a list of reception halls to try. He is the best! On my birthday we spent the day with Mom and Dad visiting a bunch of different places and then again on Memorial Day. Today we went and put a deposit on our final place. We are so excited and everything just feels right. I usually have some pretty bad "buyer's remorse" and have a hard time making big decisions....but not at all with this. We loved the place, the lady in charge is great and we have had ringing endorsements from several friends.

July 10, 2010 here we come!

At our favorite winery
I love you!

The beautiful sunset

The amazing ring

Great job Adam!

Back at Mom and Dad's house with the wedding planner from Aunt Kris and the "Weddings for Dummies" book for Adam from Mom and Dad

Talking on the phone with Erin!

Mom took me to get our nails done afterwards since I would be showing off my hands so much!

Yah! Thanks Mom!

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