Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chris and Angela's Wedding

Last Saturday Adam and I went to his friend Danny's brother's wedding (the infamous card that caused so many problems for our Surprise Engagement Party is picture above). We were not able to attend the ceremony because I was at Confirmation and Adam had to work but the reception was beautiful. I LOVED the centerpieces and took lots of pictures of them. There were calla lilies in vases filled with water, large sprays above a tall vase with a flower inside, and lower rectangular vases filled with flowers. Just beautiful! My picture/video montage is a little long because the bridal party did a fun "evolution of the dance" type dance (without the choreographed dance part, just the different songs) and I recorded the whole thing.
I just LOVE to attend weddings, but once you are engaged, you look at them with a little different eye. I was taking notes on my phone all night of ideas I thought of, songs I thought of and other little things! We had a great time. Congrats Angela and Chris!

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mylittlebecky said...

very prett wedding. i absolutely love calla lilies.

in other news, thank you for being a special ed teacher :)