Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm a proud bargain hunter!

Kristin has turned me on to bargain blogs and they are great. She has told me about some great deals that she has found and admittadly, I have been ocasionaly slightly envious. Not jealous. That may imply I am not happy for her find. Envious is the word I want!

I recently came across the blog Fantabulously Frugal and I love it! You will notice (as long as you aren't reading this in your Reader) the button on the right hand side. Right there----->

She posts a lot but there are some "fantabulous" deals! She also does giveaways and I am a huge fan of that. I would really like to win something. And the fact that I am posting about a recent giveaway gives me another chance to win!

But that is not the sole reason I am posting. I am also posting because today she posted about a freebie you can get. As Adam says, "If it's free, it's for me!".

You can go to this website, Green4Better, and get a free reusable grocery bag! I have many of them in my car and I am currently on a 12 step plan to try to remember to actually BRING them in the store. But what I like about this one is that it is non-denominational! It a grocery bag of no specific religion (or store). I feel naughty if I bring a reusable bag from one store into another, so this will alleviate that guilt!

I signed up for one and I may have used Adam's address to get me another one. I picked pink! What color will you pick?

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