Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Last Friday night was quite the night. Adam and I were supposed to have dinner with my parents and his parents. My mom invited his step-mom at the stamping party we had, so they were going to come over to Mom and Dad's house for dinner. I wasn't really worried at all because I get along great with his parents, so it wasn't going to be any big deal. Earlier on Friday Mom and I were going to Archiver's for a stamping class (part of her birthday present) and then I decided to just stay over there in between the class and dinner to work on some scrapbooking and stamping stuff...but I may have forgotten to tell Mom that (but I do it all the time!). I had to make two wedding cards for upcoming weddings (one the following day!). On Thursday, Luann (Adam's step-mom) called me and offered to pick us up, but I told her I wouldn't be able to go with them cause I would already be at my Mom and Dad's house, but she could pick Adam up.

Friday afternoon Mom and I had a GREAT time at the class and learned some really neat tricks. We came home and I was working in the basement on my stamping stuff. I talked to Bridget on the phone a little bit, asked her if I had told her what we were doing that night and chatted for a while. Luann and Rodney were supposed to come over at 6:30 and at about 5:00 Mom (who was supposed to be resting) was running around upstairs like a crazy lady so I went upstairs and told her to calm down and I would clean the toilet for her. Then she asks me, "Do you think we need dessert?". I responded, "OF COURSE we need dessert!". She didn't plan anything?!?!?! So I volunteered to go home and make something (because I much prefer to bake than to buy something from the store). I was more than a little bit annoyed because I had cards to make and I had asked her the day before if I could make anything else and NOW she wants me to make something?!?!? So I stomped down the stairs in my flip flops, put my card making stuff away, stomped back up the basement stairs and left to go to the store to pick up the stuff I needed to bake a dessert and make garlic bread (after telling Mom, "You really need to make lists if you are going to be inviting people over and making plans!". On the way to the store I called Dad and said, "You need to control your wife" and told him the whole story.

After leaving Jewel I realized I was a little hard on Mom and she is been dealing with a lot of pain and different meds and I should give her a break. I called her and apologized and said I would be back soon. By the time I got home (and sent Adam back out to get butter because I had run out) I didn't think I had enough time to bake the dessert before we had to leave. Adam called his parents and said that I was going over there now, but he could still ride with them. Luann said, "No" and she wanted to ride with both of us. Huh?!?! Adam explained that I had to get to my parents house to bake the dessert and she said she would be upset if we didn't ride with them because they would be uncomfortable. She even got me on the phone and sounded angry when I said I couldn't go with them. I wanted to get the stuff to my parents house, but I also needed to be able to stay later because I needed to finish the wedding card I didn't get to finish before!!!

Adam talked to his dad who then hung up on him and said he wouldn't go if we wouldn't ride with them. I just couldn't believe it! I didn't understand why they were being like that. Usually we get along great. I had never known them to be so insistent about something. I was getting really upset because I didn't know what else to do. But I didn't want to ride with them because I needed to make the card after they left! I talked to Mom a few times in between and the last time I talked to Luann, I ended the conversation saying I was leaving for Mom and Dad's. Just as I got in the car, I got a call from Mom saying that Luann called her. WHAT THE HECK? Why in the world would she call her?? What was the big freakin' deal? By that point I was screeching on the phone in my driveway about not understanding what was going on and why they were being so weird and I just didn't understand. I may have even said, "I'm an adult! She can't tell me what to do!". To appease them, I suggested driving separately so we could arrive at the same time and I could stay late to make my card.

About that time, Adam found out he had to work the following day. That meant he wouldn't be home in time for the wedding ceremony. After finding that out, I realized that I could go over to Mom and Dad's house after confirmation (I was Kailey's sponsor) to make the card so we called his parents and told them that we would be able to ride with them. They arrived about 10 minutes late to pick us up and THEN Luann wanted to stop at Jewel to pick up flowers.


By that point I didn't really care anymore about everything and was over it all. I just wanted a pleasant dinner.

We arrived to my parents house about 25 minutes late (I texted Mom in the car telling her we were running late).

"Oh. NOW I get it"
My comment as I walked into Mom and Dad's house and my friends were all waiting inside!

Mom hugging me and teasing me about telling her to make lists.
Dad also told me that he almost drove off the road laughing when I called him to tell him to "control your wife".

Apparently Adam walked in and said, "Really? Really?" with a very calm look on his face. This is him making his rounds.

I immediately asked for a drink!

"I can't believe they surprised us!".
Apparently Mom has been conspiring with Kristin, Katie, and Bridget for quite some time now to plan our surprise Engagement Party. When I was on the phone chatting with Bridget while stamping, she was SUPPOSED to be AT Mom and Dad's house setting up. The girls were all patiently waiting at home for the word that I finally left. I just cannot believe they surprised us so well. Usually I am VERY aware and catch on to little things, but not this time at all. Shortly after arriving, Luann asked me, "Are we OK?" and all I could say was, "I just didn't understand why you were being like that! I didn't THINK you were crazy!". Adam of course had to tell her that I said, "I'm an adult. She can't tell me what to do" and apparently Mom and Dad were regaling everyone with stories about "control your wife" and "you really need to make lists".

Our yummy Costco cake (my favorite!)
Even though...I really am content to just eat the frosting!

Happy Engagement honey!

Our presents from generous friends
(Hello! THAT wasn't a clue when I saw them when we walked in???)
We received lots of wonderful gifts from our friends and I'm not going to bore you with them all! I will show you some of the highlights!

A personalized picture frame from the Vitos. It has the letters L-O-V-E on the side, engraved with the date we got engaged (May 16, 2009) and the photo of us kissing on the beach inset with the picture of our hands with my ring. It is beautiful!

A personalized bottle of wine from Bridget with our names, Happy Engagement, and a picture of us our engagement weekend on it! We are trying to decide what special occasion we should save it for.
Any ideas?

P.S. Thank you Erin for taking these pictures. Kristin also shared some on Snapfish, but I haven't had a chance to look at them yet. Bridget also took a bunch, but she is off enjoying her honeymoon now!


amy said...

this whole post makes me smile!!! :D

Erin said...

This is seriously the best surprise party story ever. Even though I already knew the whole story, it made me smile to read it again! :)

Bonnie said...

I was laughing the whole time your mom told me the story of that eventful day. I said "you turn 50 and suddenly your children think you need to make lists for everything and have to work on getting your act together" ...LOL :)