Sunday, June 21, 2009

We found a strawberry!

I know, I am about a week late, but last Sunday Amy came over and helped us work in the little garden. Adam was lawn mowing the pumpkin patch to start taking care of the situation with the overgrown weeds. Amy and I weeded, weeded, weeded.

Adam mowing the pumpkin patch. Where do all of those weeds come from???

Amy working away in the little garden. She is meticulous!

There is lots of growth!

The crazy overgrown cucumber section. We think we may have found some cucumbers in one section, but the other one was so overgrown with grass that we just decided to rototill it under and start again.

Ladies and Gentlemen.....drum roll please....
This is a strawberry!!!
Super exciting. Especially considering we never even saw a strawberry plant last year because Adam planted them upside down and they never grew!
Tomato plants and strawberry plants!

My favorite...the humongous onions!

Me taking care of my little (big) onion plants!

The pumpkin patch is ready to be planted! Too bad it rained SO much this week and we couldn't do any planting yet. Hopefully soon!

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Erin said...

Yay for the strawberry! Are you going to make pickles again this year? I want to come make pickles! We could make strawberry jam too!