Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We love banquet food!

So we spent Saturday afternoon at my pastor's farewell luncheon, left there and promptly headed out to my friend from work, Mikee's wedding! Unfortunately we had to miss the ceremony because we were still at the goodbye luncheon. I love the ceremony part, so that was a bummer. But Mikee was beautiful and I am so happy that I got to spend the evening with her and Dusty!

We had a lot of fun and Erin and I drank quite a bit of wine. We really just didn't want all of that wine to go to waste. If we left it on the tables, then it would just be thrown out. We didn't want that to happen because that is their hard earned money!

The card I made for them.

Flowers in water again....I think I am loving this!

The cake. And it wasn't even fondant! You couldn't tell from far away.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Dusty B!

Cute favors. They are huge White Sox fans.

The head table.

As I mentioned, Erin and I didn't want the wine they bought to go to waste, so after we finished the wine at our table, we headed around the room (with Mikee's blessing) and grabbed bottles from empty tables.

The girls from work!

Me and my honey
(Again, I was taking notes on my phone all night)

At one point we headed back to our table after dancing and they had removed all of our glasses. We REALLY didn't want that wine to go to waste, so we sucked it up and consumed it anyway.
We had a really good time and truly, I felt fine the next day! Adam says I shouldn't have been telling my friends, "You better stay this late at our wedding!". Erin says I was a wine pusher and Adam says I was a wedding pusher! Oh well. It was lots of fun and it is not often that we get to all hang out as a group!
Congrats Mikee and Dusty!

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