Sunday, June 07, 2009

Working in the Little Garden

Last Thursday Adam and I spent the afternoon/evening working in the little garden. Our goal was to do more planting, but then we ended up spending a ton of time weeding! We did get to most of the planting though. We planted carrots, more onions, onions for grandpa, sugar snap peas (we have no idea what to do with these, the package says something about a stake....Amy??? Help!?!?) and watermelon. We are pretty much done with all of our planting now. We just need to plant our pumpkins and corn. Our "little" garden is now full, so we are going to have to plant the corn in the pumpkin patch. We will start that as soon as Adam rototills the pumpkin patch. The pumpkins will start getting planted in mid/late June!

One of our strawberry plants. It is one of the few with flowers. I think some critter is getting to the flowers. Grrr!

Ummm...what is this? I can't remember now? Tomato? Potato? I know what they are in the field because I labeled them all. But I can't tell from this picture!

The stupid grass in the cucumber section. Last time I posted it was starting to grow, but then it completely took over. I'm so angry about it. I think it totally took over where the cucumbers were supposed to be and now I don't see any cucumbers. Double Grr!

I got so angry at the grass...that I plucked all the pieces out one by one! My obsessive side came out and I just couldn't stand to have all that grass in my garden. I surely pulled out any cucumber seedlings that managed to grow while pulling out the grass and it probably would have been just as easy to just rototill it and start all over, but I-WANTED-IT-OUT! It actually pulled out rather easily. Do you see any cucumbers growing? I don't. Not even where there wasn't any grass. These two sections are SUPPOSED to be two types of cucumbers.

A row of potatoes. They look so cool! And it is funny to think there are so many potatoes growing underground.

Adam got this brilliant idea to burn the weeds to get rid of them. At the beginning of the season he rototilled the whole little garden. Then a few weeks ago he did the second half again (that we hadn't planted yet). And again more weeds were growing. So Adam burned them away. He is experimenting with burning to try to take care of the crazy out of control weed situation in the pumpkin patch.

Unbeknownst to me, Adam tried to burn the weeds NEXT TO MY PLANTS! Why would he put fire so close to my vegetabels? I have no idea. Yes, we are still engaged. But I was not happy when I saw this poor little burnt onion. He promises he won't try that again.

Our beautiful looking onion plants (that aren't burnt). I am so proud of them!

A row of onion plants. They NEVER looked this good last year!

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amy said...

lol, may i ask where the idea came to burn the weeds?