Thursday, June 11, 2009

"You're not a teacher! You're just an aunt!"

Wednesday was the last day of school for the school year! Yah! Our preschool kids were actually done last Tuesday, but we had screening and meetings and all kinds of paperwork fun until Wednesday this week. We had 3 hours of work on Wednesday and now we are done! (Well...I am actually only done for a few days because I teach summer school and that starts on Tuesday!) Wednesday my principal had an end of the year get together at her house and afterwards I went to pick up Chase (Adam's nephew) because Austin and Heidi had to work late. I love hanging out with that boy. Sometimes I think, "Am I really having these conversations with a 4 year old??". He is too funny! I had to do some gardening at my house and he jumped right in to help!

Playing with my kids golf set he always digs out from under my staircase.

Using the little rake to move around the mud.

Using the hose to fill up the watering can

I had to take a picture of the beautiful flowers on my bushes!

Chasey did such a good job filling up the watering can and then watering my flower pots all by himself. He didn't want my help at all! After that he used the hose to water the larger garden all by himself. Then he wanted to clean the little shovel and rake, so I put it on jet and when he turned around to look at me.....

Uh oh! This is what I saw! Then we came inside and washed all the splattered mud off of his face. He saw no problem with being covered in mud! =)

Then we did some sit down activities and made letters with some wiki sticks!
My favorite Chase quote of the day was when we were talking about going to work and I was talking about being a teacher and he said,
"You're not a teacher! You're just an aunt!"

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