Monday, July 06, 2009

And the Pumpkins are Planted!

By Sunday afternoon at 4:00 all of the pumpkins were planted...all 330 of them!

I said to Adam today, "Do you realize that I planted every single pumpkin seed in the garden??" and he said, "I wouldn't be saying that if I were you until they actually started growing!"


So if they don't grow, I'm going to blame it on something else...water, Zondra helping me, the rototilling, the heat...something! If they do was all me baby! But really, I could never have planted the seeds if Adam didn't spend so many hours doing back breaking rototilling. And Saturday morning went a lot fast with Zondra (Adam's niece) helping me.

We put the first ones in a little later than last year, about 2 weeks. We do, however, think this will end up being a good thing because last year many were ready in August and although they keep for 8 weeks after they are bleached, it is just a little early for ripe pumpkins! This year we also spaced the rows wider so we are hoping it will be easier to turn pumpkins once they start growing and also that we will have a greater yield because they will have more room to grow. Of course I will keep you updated!

Adam using the heavy duty rototiller that he rented. His wouldn't cut it for the new soil we didn't plant last year so he rented a heavy duty one for the weekend. Since we spaced the rows wider, we needed more planting room in order to get enough rows.

In case you were wondering, this is how I easy plant the pumpkin seeds every 2 feet. I placed little flags of electrical tape every 2 feet on a string. The string is on two poles that I move every time I plant a row. Although 2 feet doesn't HAVE to be exact, it makes it a lot easier to jut plunk the seeds in the ground instead of guesstimating the distance for all 330 seeds!

On Saturday while Adam was rototilling he found a snake behind him.
That means he rototilled it.
Dr. Zondra who was helping me water at the time abandoned me to try to revive the snake. She did a nice job of keeping him happy in his last hours but when we went out there Sunday morning he was fertilizer.
It was sad.
Let's not talk about that any more.

The COMPLETELY rototilled and planted pumpkin patch.
Now it is on to weed control and watering!


Erin said...

What a sad story. Poor little snake. I think I killed a bird today and I am plagued with guilt!

amy said...

i LOVE plant blogs!!! haha... but seriously, im so glad to hear all of those updates about the pumpkins!!!! cant wait to see that small garden in a few weeks :D