Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Baa Baa 9:15 Mass

These pictures are for you sister-Erin!

As you all know I have written about being a member of the Transition Team that did a bunch (blah blah I have written it before) of things to prepare for getting a new pastor.

The new pastor started on July 1, so last weekend was his first weekend saying Mass. We have a bunch of things planned, but one of the big ones was on Saturday evening we had 30+ sheep delivered to the courtyard at church. The sign reads, "Fr ---, the flock of CHS welcomes you".

In addition to the sheep some people on the team also worked on getting some flags made for the front of the church that welcome the new guy.

We wish our old pastor well and we will miss him dearly. We are ready to welcome the new pastor with open arms....as long as he listens to what we say. Just Kidding! Well...kind of. He did say we have a reputation in the Archdiocese...but not what kind!

I am looking forward to getting to know him and already I have a good start because it was my turn to interpret Mass on Sunday and he has a nice speaking voice, he is easy to interpret for, and he sings the Mass parts with a lovely singing voice!

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