Sunday, July 26, 2009

Girls Weekend at the Lake

Last weekend, I went up to my friend Angie's cabin for our annual Girl's Weekend. The goal is usually to lay on the boat, soak up sun, consume many adult beverages and just generally have fun. Well, since *global warming* and all is upon us (do you sense the sarcasm???), the temperature was about 60 degrees in the middle of July. That definitely didn't stop us from having fun, but it did stop us from laying on the boat soaking up sun.

Instead, we had a relaxing weekend reading our books, playing lots of card games, still consumed MANY adult beverages, laughed a lot, and had tons of fun.

Saturday night at...oh...about midnight...we decided to head outside and enjoy the fire Angie's husband made for us (Yes, it was Girl's Weekend, but it is also his house, so he gets to be there too!). We stayed out by the fire until after 4:00 in the morning. Something none of us does anymore!

The fire and yummy s'mores

Earlier in the night Dirty Dancing music may have come on the iPod, and I may have pretended to jump into Angie's arms, and she may have said, "How about Bridget???" with panic in her voice because she REALLY thought I would jump in her arms??? So when we were out by the fire Angie decided to lift everyone Dirty Dancing style. The second picture shows her trying to cajole me into doing it. I finally did...but left one leg on the ground. And I'm not going to show you all of the pictures...because some things are better left unposted.

Let's just say it didn't look as good as this!

Sunday it did warm up a bit and we went an hung out down by the lake. Some of us went kayaking and some of us just hung out on the boat. I just hung out on the boat...because...the adult beverages and lack of sleep from the night before had gotten to me a little bit and I had to recover for the 5 hour drive home!
Overall, it was a VERY fun weekend and I am so grateful to Angie for inviting us up every year and sharing her cabin mansion on the lake with us!


Erin said...

Fun! I want a girls weekend on the lake! I guess we could go to the boat...

Jaxma99 said...

LOL! I forgot how the lift was really supposed to look! That is SOOO funny! I liked the invention of the chmore by Bridget! Graham cracker, marshmallow, and cheese! She had 2 of them! What a great weekend! And just for the record, when he has his boys fishing trips I still go up and do things like bring them McDonalds on the lake while they're fishing.