Monday, July 27, 2009

My Sunday and Monday

The end of last week and the weekend were spent sitting at my computer working on VBS (Vacation Bible School) stuff (spreadsheets, attendance, sign out sheets, creating coloring sheets, etc). Then Sunday the fun began. Amy's family does all of the decorations for the program and her mom is a creative genius (Yes YOU Aunt Judy!). They work all year on these projects and Sunday night we brought them to the church to set everything up. Also, 20-30 volunteers met us there to do jobs such as sorting t-shirts, arranging tables and shares, filling crew bags and helping with decorating. It is always a very busy time and if you want to talk to me you usually have to take a number!

Me driving to church in a jungle
All of the boxes and materials sitting out ready for us to do something!
We worked and worked and worked....and this is what was created!

A shack with a fisherman out front!
I told you...genius!

And all of the adorable Bible Buddies!

I will show you the boat scene later this week.

Chase (Adam's nephew) is coming to VBS again this year which means I have him all week. So Amy, and Annie (friend from church) and I took him to our favorite park from last year. We had a blast playing hide and seek in the big wooden structures!
Chase running from Annie

Me hiding
(Also, when I took this picture, I gave myself away by my arm sticking out and Amy found me!)

Say cheese!

Chase and Annie (hiding) and Amy
Seriously, there is nothing like a rousing game of Hide and Seek to wear a girl out. But it was also a TON of fun.
Also, if you were wondering (really how could you be wondering?) I have this on my wrist.
I don't know...
It is sprained or something.
It started hurting last Wednesday and got progressively worse throughout the weekend, though I kept trying to ignore it. Adam told me to get a wrist brace Saturday, but I just wanted it to get better so I didn't. But by Sunday evening when we were done with the decorating I was in quite a bit of pain, so I stopped and got one on the way home. I didn't really like having to explain to everyone today why I had it on because I feel silly, but it feels much better!
Today's first day of VBS was fabulous and even though we had a funeral to contend with and had to sing and dance with the 102 kids on the lawn rather than in the worship was still great! Let's pray for 4 more great days to serve and minister to the kids in our program!


Erin said...

Spooky. My wrist started hurting last week, and I wore a brace all day yesterday.

It looks like VBS will be awesome! :)

amy said...

My flippie floppies!