Friday, July 03, 2009

Presents from Egypt

A few weeks ago Erin took a trip to Egypt with a friend of hers. She sent us a package with some gifts from her trip and it just arrived at Mom and Dad's house on Monday. It is so exciting to get mail from across the world and I am super excited about what was inside!

This is Adam's gift. It is a Canopic Jar. It is a mini version actually that is made out of alabaster. Canopic Jars were used by the ancient Egyptians as vessels for organs. The jars were then buried in the tombs with the dead. According to Wikipedia, each organ was placed in a jar of its own and the top of the Canopic Jar is representative of the organ inside.

This is my gift. She sent me a necklace that has my name in hieroglyphics! It actually says, "Steph". So if you are Egyptian and you see me wearing it, you would know my name! I guess it is like a "Hello My name is...." nametag!
Thank You Erin!
We love our gifts!

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Jen Vincent said...

Very cool! I just read The Alchemist and the boy goes to the pyramids. I think it would be cool to visit the pyramids...but I guess visiting through books will have to do...