Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time to go weed....what?

So on Monday (my first official day of summer break since summer school ended last Friday) I got a bunch of stuff done and then headed over to Adam's house to weed the garden. I got my gloves and my sweatshirt (because it is July and where the heck has summer gone????) and walked over to the little garden.


Where did the weeds go?

It was like when I was little and I folded my hands and said, "Here is the church. Here is the steeple. Open the door....hey! Where'd all the people go??" (because I forgot to intertwine my fingers!)


I wasn't going to call the police or anything because....really you can have them. But who stole my weeds??

That sneaky Amy did! Apparently she came by while I was out of town over the weekend and sneakily weeded the garden for me. And she weeded the area I hadn't gotten to last time so it. was. BAD! I was DREADING have to do it. And SHE DID IT!

And because she did so much already, I was able to finish up and for ONCE actually have the WHOLE little garden weed free at the same time.

This is her before picture.

And this is the after picture I took.

By the is a pumpkin plant. Come on pumpkins!
Apparently....3 rows of pumpkins didn't come up. Now....I didn't plant them any differently than I planted the other 11 rows. So I don't know that I should necessarily take responsibility for this problem. But I DID plant them. So....judge for yourself.

Here are the awesome rows of cucumbers.

The whole little garden...from the top down
green onions
sugar snap peas
and not pictured-one raspberry bush that produced one (yummy) raspberry

In other exciting news...
Last weekend Adam bought a John Deere riding mower. I have been trying to convince him to do this for a long time. It took so long to push mow his 3+ acres, that by the time he finished one week it was time to start again! So this was a worthwhile purchase. He is very happy with it already!

And I can even mow with it!
One summer I gave my dad a Father's Day present to mow the lawn all summer and I said NEVER AGAIN! First of all it is gross and hard and yucky. Second of all it makes my allergies all terrible. But on this was easy. I mowed the equivalent of 3 normal people's backyards in no time at all (even though it is like 1/8 of Adam's!).

Oh yeah...and besides the one raspberry I ate, our strawberry plants have produced TWO yummy strawberries that didn't get eaten or molded and Adam and I each had one. Yum!

AND...although it wasn't quite ready yet, we just had to pull an onion. It wasn't very big, but it sure was tasty in the tomato sauce I added it to!

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