Wednesday, July 29, 2009

VBS Week-Tuesday and Wednesday

VBS is still going extremely well. We have a FABULOUS group of volunteers this year that are making the program exceptional. We are reaching 101 excited kids and it is a great feeling.

I am incredibly beat with VBS and all that it entails along with playing with Chase all week too. We have had a ton of fun with our fieldtrips!

On Tuesday, we went to the Volkening Heritage Farm. It is part of the Park District and REALLY neat (and free!). Amy used to volunteer there ALL the time and now does occasionally so she was like our own personal tour guide! Amy, Chase, the two girls from church and I all went and had a blast hanging out, touching the animals, learning and even milking a cow! That's right...with Amy's connections, Chase and the girls got to milk a cow!

Petting the super tall horse. I was amazed by its HUGE nostrils!

Petting the cows

Me and Chasey on the bench (isn't he sweet with this tongue sticking out!) LOL!

Chase milking the cow!

Today the same group of us headed over to Spring Valley Nature Center (which the farm is actually attached to) and checked IT out (and FREE again!). It was also fun going there because I have many fond memories going as a child. We used to go and walk around, visit the log cabin, and have lots of fun.

Looking at the exhibits inside.

Me, Chase and the girls in front of the silo

We climbed the (open) winding staircase all the way to the top!

Annie and Chase in the "elephant tree"

We even saw a deer and Chase and Annie were excited to write about it on the "Animal Sightings" board inside the Nature Center.

Enjoying seeing the deer!
We had a GREAT time both days. Thanks for joining us Amy! I am so happy the girls came with us because they definitely helped entertain Chase.

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amy said...

Hehe, I just realized he's using the bionoculars to look at the deer. Haha, he loved those! So cute!