Monday, July 13, 2009

We have pumpkins!

Adam called me last week on Thursday (super excited) to let me know the pumpkins were growing! On Saturday I took some pictures of our baby pumpkins plants. At that point the gourds, little pumpkins, white pumpkins and one row of regular pumpkins had sprouted. By today EVERY row had some little baby pumpkin plants growing. Woo Hoo!

Is it still to early to say that I planted every pumpkin seed?

A little gourd plant

A pumpkin plant

Please tell me that this is a watermelon.
Otherwise we have no watermelon, but very healthy weeds!

Our ginormous tomato bushes!

We have lots of little green tomatoes!
I spent an hour and 15 minutes weeding the cucumbers today and they look beautiful! I cannot wait for cucumbers so I can start pickling. I am going to have to find an easy sweet pickle recipe so I can try my hand at that this year. I should also look into a canner. I wonder how much they are? I wonder if that is overkill? But it would be a lot easier. I bet you there is a canner somewhere in Adam's basement...but it surely is rusty.
I also tended to the sugar snap peas today. I forgot that I had planted two more rows! I knew there were two but as I was weeding the second (it was planted later), I found the third. So then I had a bunch more weeding to do. I also found a bunch of stakes and staked them up so hopefully we can get them trained.
My preschoolers listen to me much better than the sugar snap pea vines do.
Speaking of preschool.....4 more days until summer school is over!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! =)
(Not because I don't love my kids, but I definitely need a summer break!)
Also, I will never weed in flip flops again. Amy does it, so I thought I could do it and maybe try to get rid of my bad farmer tan. But it was bad news. I had to be up squatting the whole time and now my back hurts. A lot. It also didn't help that they were cheap flip flops and the toe thing kept coming out. They went in the garbage when I got home.
Do you realize that a year from now that I will not only be married but I will be living on our farm and it will be a HECK of a lot easier to take care of the gardens. And I won't have to get in my car all gross and muddy and grassy (because Adam weed whacked and the weeds whacked right onto me)!!

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amy said...


adam weed whacked? without me? :(

hahahha, anyway, i usually weed barefoot, not flip flops. although i tried that, too. aww your poor flip flops tho :(

i'm excited you trained the sugar snap peas! i bet they look great!!!

omg less than a year!!!! <3!!!