Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Like To Win Things/Wedding Cake Topper Rambling

So...because it is summer, I have time to try to do things like try to win blog giveaways. There are TWO that I am currently trying to win.

My friend Erin is giving away a Famous Footwear gift card. I like shoes a lot. Well, usually I like other people's shoes because I never buy shoes for myself because I feel guilty. I usually only buy flip flops for myself because they are inexpensive. But if I won this gift card I would actually buy myself shoes! So enter her giveaway if you want new shoes. But maybe not...if there are fewer entries maybe I could win!

Lacey Bean at Perks of Being a JAP is giving away GAP jeans and a GAP gift card...ending today! I would also love GAP jeans. Again, I don't buy jeans for myself a lot because...they are expensive! So I usually only buy them when another pair has bit the dust. Also, I have really enjoyed following Lacey's blog recently because I like what she blogs about, and she is getting married next spring and she sometimes posts really cute ideas! Like her recent post about wedding cake toppers that sent me searching the Internet for one that would fit Adam and me for an hour last night. I didn't find anything yet that caught my attention, except these uber expensive custom ones at Magic Mud. I would REALLY love one of these! They also have a blog and a post with one I would REALLY love! I must keep searching for something more reasonably priced!


Shop Girl* said...

*sigh* I never win anything. haha! But best of luck to you!!

Erin said...

I'm rooting for you! :)