Saturday, August 22, 2009

NOW you tell me!

So who forgot to tell me that I was supposed to CLOSE the sunroof when it rains?


Obviously that was someone's job.

Because I missed the memo.

As you know know I just bought a new (to me) car last week. I have been really excited about the sun roof on the *few* days we have actually had nice summer weather. Today Friend-Erin and I went into work to make some phone calls and talk to parents. Then I went to Mom and Dad's house to work on our engagement scrapbook. The temperature wasn't bad and I wanted to enjoy my last day of summer, so I opened the sunroof. I went in and did my scrapbooking for a couple hours with Mom. Then I gathered up my stuff and walked outside.

I opened my backdoor to put down my stuff and said, "OH.....snap!" (or something like that). My car was soaking wet.

The inside.

I had left my sun roof open.

And it rained buckets.

There was an inch of water in my cup holder.

I calmly walked back inside and explained to Dad that he really should have told me that I would need to close my sunroof when there was a chance of rain...walked upstairs...grabbed towels and walked back outside.

Dad came out to help.
He is great.

This is after I CLOSED it because it was still drizzling.

It actually ended up being GOOD that I had leather seats because it wiped off pretty quickly. My floors, on the other hand, are completely sopping wet. Luckily I had a towel sitting in the backseat (and it soaked up a bunch of water) from when I was gardening the other day and didn't want to get sweat on my new leather seats...ironic considering I dumped a SWIMMING POOL on them today.

What was on my front seat you ask?
-My school scrap book...AHHH! Actually the cover was soaked but thank goodness for sheet protectors and the scrapbooked pages are fine.
-Jeans I just bought for Adam's niece's birthday tomorrow. Very absorbent.
-My class lists and emergency cards. Umm...yah. I think I am going to need new copies of those.

What does this have to do with leaving my sunroof open?
Well..this is what made me feel better when I got home. But I didn't get home right away because I had to pick up Adam and go to the car wash place and pay $2.00 in quarters to use the vacuum to try to suck the water out of my carpets.
On a happy note, do you see my cute wine glass flip flop? One of my future SILs gave it to me the other day just for fun. SO cute!
Now that you know the story. Who is ready to 'fess up and let me know who was supposed to tell me to close the sunroof when it might rain??


Anonymous said...

I assume you consumed more than 1 glass of wine after all that frustration. I'm trying to remember if it was me who neglected to tell you about sun roofs and rain storms. By the way -Harry Potter is spread out all over the posters you left to dry on our dining room table.
Love you Honey.

Dad said...

By the way addition to forgetting to tell you to close the sunroof when it rains, I'm not sure I have told you to fill up the gas tank before it empties. Cause the car will stop working. :-)


Bonnie said...

Don't feel so bad Steph...I left the windows cracked (all 4) during the few 90 degree days this summer. Car was outside...Woke up to inches of rain on the front and back floor of car after a night of horrific thunderstorms. Thank God for leather seats, and that my neighbor bought a wet vac that morning. He was willing to break it in for a loaf of banana bread in return :))

Erin said...

I confess! It was me! I should have told you to close the sunroof, but I was too wrapped up in all of our fun gossip to remember!

I am SO glad that your scrapbook is ok! That would have been pretty bad...not the end of the world, mind you, but still pretty bad. :)

Jen Vincent said...

OMG! Chad totally did this not too long ago. I walked out to his car to go to Target and was so confused until I realized he had left the sunroof open. He had just gotten his car detailed, too. At least it will dry! :)