Monday, August 24, 2009

Take a Guess!-Follow Up!

Last week I posted this picture and asked everyone to take a guess!

There were lots of amusing answers including:
-A bra for a horse
-cat toy
-garlic to keep vampires away

Some good guesses:
-some kind of pod things inside and you'll dig a trench-type thing and then lay that down and plants will grow out of it

And Austin had it (still not sure how!) and Bonnie concurred....

It is drying out onions!

Thanks to the ever smart Amy who researches all that grows, I learned that onions need to dry out separated from each other. You can hang them in hose (or tights that I found at the dollar store) and knot them in between so when you need one you just cut one off the bottom. Right now I have 3 lines hanging from the back of my chair. I CANNOT wait until I live with Adam and I can harvest vegetables and store them right there on his property!

Thanks everyone for participating!

1 comment:

Jen Vincent said...

I was hoping you were going to post the answer to explain what exactly that was!!!!

Okay, so now that they are dried out, you just cut open a pod and take out the onion and then what? It's like dried pepper flakes but onion style? i'm just trying to figure out what you do with dried onions. Did you do anything special to them or just stick them in there? Do they smell like old lady? I feel like tights smell like old ladies...I'm a dork.