Monday, August 17, 2009

Teenage Mutant Ninja.....vegetables?

On Friday I spent quite a bit of time in the little garden. Of course I weeded like a crazy woman...because I like my plants weed free.

Then I spent time harvesting! I picked all of these cucumbers. In just one day! I can't believe how huge some of them are. I walked over to school (because it is right next to Adam's house) and dropped off some for my principal and secretary since they were inside working on such a nice day.

I also picked a bunch of onions and a few tomatoes! I also picked one carrot, but it got buried under the cukes.

Adam spent time rototilling between the rows in the pumpkin patch and then Sunday morning was spent weeding the patch.

More pictures to come soon!

Oh yeah, and I also picked this crazy potato. Who would eat that?? The other ones look good...not this one! And I also found this Siamese twin cucumber. That was a first as well. I chopped it up today and made it into.....oh...I can't say. That will be a future post!

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