Monday, August 17, 2009

Wedding Projects-Save the Dates

On Wednesday, Mom, Emily, Elizabeth and I (my first cousins) hit up the mall to buy them birthday gifts and then they came back to Mom and Dad's house to help me with our Save the Date project. Now...I'm not going to show you the final project yet, but you can see it involves, pink paper, white paper, and black ribbon. They were a great help and we got a lot of cutting completed. We also got some extra cutting completed...because we were on such a roll...that we realized we weren't supposed to do....oops. But we made it work.

Also, you can see part of our stamping set-up in the background. We like everything on shelves where it is easily visible and accessible.

This is the fun part of wedding planning! I love the little projects. The big decisions stress me out. I feel as if I need to plan and research and make spreadsheets until I am blue in the face. But this stuff...I love. Fun and creative!

In other wedding planning news, Adam and I had our first photographer appointments last week. We feel really good about it. We have one more this week and then we will make a decision. Finding a photographer has made me feel a little bit like I am insane. There are so many options and decisions and it is SO much money...I will be happy when we make a decision we are happy with and can move on!

Our project...
Mom, Emily, and Elizabeth

Emily, Me, Elizabeth
Oh and in other crafting news...I finished my school scrapbook this week! I scrap 4 pages from every school year and 2 from the summer. I was 2 years behind, but I caught up on Monday. I don't have any more to do until the next school year ends. Woot! I am very proud of it. Now I just need to get started on our Engagement scrapbook.


Erin said...

I can't wait to see your Save the Date cards!

Also, a good photographer is worth the money. Our photographer was one of the most expensive things we paid for, and I would have paid double for the photos we got.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Save the Dates!!! I cannot wait to see them. As you know I loved all the little projects too...:-)