Monday, August 17, 2009

Whip It Up Challenge-Bread and Butter Pickles

I am making up my recipe from last week because I got behind...again. We had two photographer appointments last week and a couple meetings, so I did not do any original cooking.

This week I made Bread and Butter pickles with cucumbers from our garden!

Last year I made dill pickles only. This year I am trying both!

Last year, Mom picked up a packet of Mrs. Wages Bread and Butter Pickle Mix for me, but I never got a chance to use it. So this year I decided to make my first pickles of the season with it.

I am not sure exactly how many cucumbers I used, I lost track. But I think I figured about 3 per jar. I made 7 1 quart jars. So about 21 cucumbers?

You just follow the directions right on the package. The recipe requires the seasoning in the packet, 5 pounds of sugar and 10 cups of vinegar.

These are quick process pickles and are ready in 24 hours!

The brine mixture heating up on the stove and the hot jar packed with pickles.

The final product

I went and picked more cucumbers yesterday before I made them because I wasn't sure how many I would need. I had to make 6 jars of dill pickles today!

1. Was the recipe easy to follow?
Yes, as long as you understand a little about canning.

2. Did the dish taste good?
They are yummy pickles!

3. Would you make it again?
Without a doubt

4. Leftover quotient?

This doesn't really apply because there are supposed to be a lot of them. They are going to last us a very long time!

5. Any additions/edits to the recipe?

6. Adam's thoughts?

He thought the brine mixture smelled delicious (of course 5 pounds of sugar would appeal to him!). He said he really liked the pickles as well.
Grandpa tried them today and said he was going home to have a hamburger for dinner with my bread and butter pickles on it!


Erin said...

Bring me some pickles! I love pickles!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Grandpa left his pickles here, so he won't be having your delicious homemade pickles on his hamburger. I hope the jar is still mostly full when I get it to him. :)

Jen Vincent said...

I am so not a pickle person but Chad made me try some he bought at a Farmer's Market this summer. They are starting to grow on me. I made two batches of jam this summer though. Canning is fun! :)