Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Will you be my Maid of Honor?

So a few weeks ago, when I posted this about asking my bridesmaids, I said that I would post separately abut asking my sister. It has taken me a while because I was waiting for a picture of her opening her package. Her friend was visiting her in Morocco so she has been a bit busy...but she finally sent me the picture!

I wanted Erin to get her package and be asked before anyone else....however...as I said in my other post, I did ask Meg first because she was in town. Erin did make me a little crazy because I sent her package and waited on pins and needles for her to get it. Then one day I got a Facebook comment from her saying she got my package but didn't open it yet. !?!?!?!? But then she did the next day! So I got to talk to her on her birthday about it, so that was nice.

I also sent her a poem that I found on the lovely Internet (no, I am not this creative), but I tweaked it a little to fit what I wanted it to say.


As my sister you must know your place inside my heart.

Since on the day that I will wed,
you'll play a special part.

When I am walking down the aisle, a very happy bride,
It means so very much to me to have you by my side.

And if upon my wedding day,
tears in your eyes I see,
I won’t be surprised because they will show
how close we have come to be.

So do not think that things will change
because I'll become a wife.
You'll always hold a special place of honor in my life.

I'll treasure all the memories of growing up with you,
For sisters form a lasting bond
that's tested, tried and true.

And, now that I'm about to wed,
becoming Adam's wife,
Dear Sister you will always be
Important in my life.

There are many pieces to planning this day
And that is why I have this to say:
“Put together this puzzle
And you will see
The question I am asking thee!”

Love, Stephanie

Erin should be coming home at the end of May, finished with the Peace Corps! She will arrive home just in time to get her dress fitted and work on last minute wedding stuff.


Shop Girl* said...

What a thoughtful idea!! I wish I had thought of something like this when I got married... haha! Best of luck with all your planning! :)

Erin said...

Again, you are making me all teary! This is so sweet!