Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Week and Weekend

So it has been a busy week and weekend! Where do I start...?

With pictures of course!

Last Monday night I had my college friends over for the evening. They were nice enough to come out my way because I am the only one who worked that day. Layla came with her Mama and she was just one of the girls. She did such a good job! My house totally isn't baby proof and she hardly got into anything and was in great spirits.

Tuesday was a *smashing* day. No...not like a good day. Like really a smashing day. "Smashing" in that I got in a car accident on the way to work. What made it really great was that it was my fault. I turned left onto the street my school is on and it just so happened there was another car already there that I didn't see that hit me because I turned in front of her. What made it really really great was that it was my teaching assistant and we had to go to work and work together all day. And what is fabulous is that it was my brand new car. Luckily ALL of the damage is on one door so that should be fairly easy to replace.

Friday night my friends and I (we used to work together but no longer do, but still get together once a month) had a surprise 50th birthday party for one of our friends. It was a birthday party complete with random decorations (Princess, GI Joe, Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, Jonas Brothers, Handy Man (or something like that) and John Deere!), a craft (crowns), a sing along (songs about our friend to the tune of popular children's songs), a game (Jeopardy about our friend), a multimedia presentation (DVD slideshow made by moi), rub on tattoos and a treasure hunt!

Here is one of the fabulous decorations I helped provide!

Me in my crown! We had to make a pattern with everyone's faces and then put it on a sentence strip. Then we used glitter to decorate them and talk about what type of sequence we used.

One of my fabulous tattoos (don't mind my freakishly pale calf). My other one was a High School Musical Troy tattoo on my upper arm. My Religious Ed kids on Saturday morning thought I was pretty darn cool!

I may or may not have used the GI Joe decoration as a weapon when we heard some loud noises out back!

Friday was also a bad day because my mom ended up in the hospital. She had a bad flare up of her Crohn's Disease and hadn't been able to eat all week. So after Religious Ed on Saturday I spent the rest of the day with her. After being on fluids and meds she was in much better spirits and we worked on our Save the Dates and Baby Shower invitations for my friend Katie. I can't show you either yet because they haven't been sent out! The best part was that my Mom's brother stopped by and we got him to help! He ripped tape and put it on little pieces of paper. Then Amy's parents came by and her mom did LOTS of helping. We got a lot done for the Save the Dates.

Mom and Uncle Dave
(Sorry Mom-She didn't want a pic of her in the hospital but I couldn't pass up Uncle Dave helping with a stamping project!)

Saturday night I took the projects home and continued working on them.

Today, after church, I went back to the hospital and we got most everything done for the Save the Dates. We just need to wait for our engagement pictures to come back (oh yeah, we took those Thursday!) to finish them up! We also finished the baby shower invites. I am SOOOOOO excited about them. They are so freaking cute....if I do say so myself.

After leaving the hospital I ran around like a mad woman to go shopping, go home, make some dips, do some baking and clean because I had another group of friends over tonight. The people I started learning sign language with 12 years ago came over because we still get together once a month!

It was a lot of fun. It was a crazy busy weekend! But I didn't work at Adam's house at all. =( At least I got to spend a lot of time with Mom! I need to learn to stop booking every second of every day so that when unexpected things happen they don't mess up my schedule so much!
Do you do that? Or are you better about keeping some days clear? Am I the only crazy one?