Sunday, September 13, 2009

Painting a Barn in the Suburbs

It has been a super busy weekend!

Friday night we went to the photography studio and signed a contract for our photographer and videographer. YAH!! After much researching and talking and meeting and spreadsheeting....we made a decision and we are super excited. After that we met Adam's parents (Dad and step-mom) for a yummy Italian dinner using a 90% off gift certificate ($25 for $1.25).

Saturday morning I had my first day of Religious Ed for the year. It was...interesting. But better than last year! My class should be fun though!

Then we spent the rest of Saturday afternoon and evening working on Adam's house.

We also did that on Sunday (after church of course). Then this evening we had a Thank You dinner at church for the Country Fair because I am a Committee Chair. More yummy food!

Adam has been talking about painting the barn for a while now, but it keeps falling to the end of the long "To Do" list. We went back and forth between white and red and he finally picked red. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical because that is a whole lot of red (and it is white now). Earlier this summer he powerwashed the barn to take off most of the paint and it has been waiting for paint ever since. Adam's dad came over on Saturday morning (while Adam was still working at a side job) to get started and then the two of them did it the rest of Saturday and all day today. Thank goodness for wonderful family.

This is what it looked liked before!

This side is another example of the "before".

I came over after Religious Ed on Saturday to find this. I thought it was going to take YEARS!

This is the middle of the afternoon today. After they were done yesterday I was already in love with it. The red looks so awesome. I should never have doubted!

Please excuse your regularly scheduled barn painting program to join us under a super huge parasol (Adam's Aunt Sue and me!) as we work inside the house!

This is how the barn looks today. They finished one side and almost finished the front.

It looks so awesome!!

Now we just need to paint the trim! Black or white? That is the question!

We are considering painting the house white (it is white, it just needs to be repainted) and then adding black shutters. I think black trim would tie in nicely with the black shutters. Adam thinks white.
Must Google old barns and farm houses and see what we find! were wondering what other buildings are on Adam's property?
The "Chicken Coop"
There are no chickens....only old storage crap.

The "Pump House"
It currently doesn't pump anything, but it used to pump water to the house when it was built in 1886.

The Garage
It needs to be torn down. It is falling apart really badly and we will be adding one closer to the house so I don't have to walk 3 miles in the snow (or 200 feet).
So that was my weekend!
And barn painting in the suburbs!