Saturday, September 05, 2009

Picture tour of the Pumpkin Patch

From top left:
The pumpkin patch, a hidden pumpkin, baby pumpkin growing, huge pumpkin, Lumina plants (growing white pumpkins=FAIL), Baby Boo, Jack-be-Little, Bumpy Gourd, Yellow Gourd

Overall, the pumpkin patch is still behind. The gourds are cool and so are the Jack-be-Littles and Baby Boos (as long as we can keep the squirrels away). There is ONE big pumpkin. Maybe instead of selling lots of pumpkins this year we are going to have to auction off our one successful pumpkin. Boo. There are lots of little ones growing, so we just have to pray that this warm weather continues and our pumpkins can ripen!

In pickle news, I sold 15 jars of pickles at work the other day and my canner is more than half way paid off! I am so excited that people love my pickles so much. And I have a whole new batch that will be ready in October too.

And a few questions for YOU:

1. If you have you buy pumpkins every year?/If you don't have kids do you buy pumpkins every year?
2. Would you be willing to spend a little more for a locally grown pumpkin?
3. Do you buy extra decorations such as gourds?
4. Do you carve your pumpkins or just use them as decorations?
5. Would you want to pick them yourself or buy one already cleaned for you?