Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pumpkins and A Red Barn

Update on the garage:
The cleaning/restoration company has been by 2 more times to check on things. They still can't do anything but clean the air (with an air scrubber?? machine) and use the dehumidifier until they hear from the association. My neighbor on the OTHER side told me today that the landlord came by today with HIS insurance adjuster and was all nice. Makes me suspicious. Did he call me? Nope. Did my association call me? Nope. I find it odd that he came by when I wasn't there and is playing all nice. Too late. He has to deal with my insurance company now. _________________________________________________________________

My weekend:
Saturday morning I had Religious Ed. Then I spent the rest of the day cleaning my computer room, doing homework (I despise my online classes) AND watching Glee (finally!). I LOVED the pilot (when I watched it after accidentally watching the most recent episode first). Let's hope they keep it up! This morning we went to church and then worked at Adam's house all day. _________________________________________________________________

Update on the Pumpkins:
We actually have LOTS of really large pumpkins. But...most of them are still very green. We have GOT to have some warm sunny days in order to turn these babies orange. They look great and healthy and are large....they are just the wrong color.

Update on Gourds:
Today after church I spent quite some time picking gourds. There are fun shaped gourds and little baby pumpkin shaped gourds (orange and white). I filled four 5 gallon buckets and half the trailer with them! I am so excited how they turned out. I like the bumpy looking ones best. I hope people want to buy some cute gourds with their pumpkins!

Update on the Barn:
The barn is officially a red barn! Today the last section was completed. Thanks to Adam's awesome brothers and father. Now we are doing the trim. Right now it is all being primed white and then we need to decide on color. Also, they have started to re-do the roof. Like we have money for that. But...if it isn't done now, the barn will be destroyed. So....roof it is.
White trim and grey trim.
I personally HATE the grey trim.
We haven't tried black yet, but at this point I am way over in the white corner.

The cupola The side of the barn with white trim.

Adam and his brother Aaron up on the ladders doing the roof with their dad directing and their other bro Andy painting the side.

The white trim. Looks like a Fisher-Price barn, huh??

The final side that was painted.

Adam high up on the ladder tearing off FIVE layers of roll roofing. They were going to put plywood over that and then shingle. But then they realized they also had to tear off the layer of Cedar Shake roofing underneath.

Scraping away

This is how it was left today.
One sheet of plywood down. It should hopefully go faster after this now that they know what to do. But there is a big barn roof ahead of us.
What now?
I have realized that we just have TOO many projects going on:
paint primer on trim on barn
paint trim on barn
tear off roofing
put down plywood
put down shingles
finish packing up house
begin demo on house
finish bathroom layout
begin bathroom remodel
care for pumpkins
turn pumpkins
harvest pumpkins
What about work and grad school and eating and sleeping????