Friday, October 30, 2009

50% off at Payless or Stephanie Doesn't Have Will Power

So I have no self control.


But I can't pass up a good deal!

When I heard about the 50% off all shoes at Payless yesterday I didn't believe it. But when I realized it was true, I had to rearrange my plans today to be able to go! See...I have this problem with shoes. I love other people's cute shoes all of the time. But I am cheap. And I won't buy shoes that aren't practical. Also, I have picky feet and I can't really wear heels without wanting to die. So I have one pair of black flats and one pair of brown flats and I wear them. Every. Single Day. And I go through about a pair a year because I wear them. Every. Single. Day.

But at Payless today I hit the picky feet/cheap shoe buyer/jealous cute shoe jackpot!

It was a complete mad house in the store and a lot of things were picked over. But apparently 7.5 is a good shoe size, because there were lots of options left!

I ended up purchasing 11 pairs of shoes for $110! Now...$110 is a lot. But they are shoes I will wear to work every day! And in that I got 2 pairs of boots (which are flats) that I have desperately wanted (Now I just need some skinny jeans and maybe a skirt with leggings or thick tights...or both...oh no...more money!).

I also got a Christmas present for someone, a pair of shoes for Adam and some little sock things. The total damage was $145.

I actually feel pretty good about this. I don't feel guilty because I know they will be put to good use and I NEVER buy myself shoes. Really. Well...I keep convincing myself that I don't feel guilty. Mom said I don't need to! Adam about passed out. But he liked the shoes I got him!

Onto the shoes....

All 11 of my pairs!

My crazy empty boxes and bags.
Did anyone else go to Payless today and splurge???