Monday, October 12, 2009

A Blog Party!

On Friday after work, a couple of the girls from work came over for us to have a Blog Party! Even little Ella, Jen's daughter, joined the fun!

Erin and I helped Jen and Katie make blogs (both personal blogs and classroom blogs!).

We also had a lot of fun eating snack and just chatting!

Pretty Ella! She was so good!

Me be a baby hog? NEVER!

The girls all working on their laptops. Thank goodness for WiFi!

Katie also gave us a hair lesson. She comes to work ALL the time with cute hair and I want cute hair. So she tried to help us with some cute hair ideas. We shall see if any of it works! Even if it doesn' is always fun to have someone play with your hair!

Katie and Jen leaving (Katie is Jen's classroom assistant)....
Notice that Katie is carrying ALL of the stuff (diaper bag, tummy time mat, Jen's bag, AND the baby!). Jen has the extra puppy chow.
Assistant ASSIST!
Just kidding....Katie was just trying to help Jen, but then we were laughing because when she picked up Ella, it looked like she was Jen's personal assistant. Not a bad idea...