Sunday, October 25, 2009

Froggy Baby Shower

***Warning, this post contains about 2 million baby shower pictures***

Last weekend, we had a baby shower for my friend Katie who is due right before Thanksgiving. Katie is one of my college roommates and Kristin and I were so excited to work with a couple of other girls to plan this shower. They are not finding out the sex of the baby, but the nursery theme is frogs.....Kristin and I LOVE a good theme, so we went with that as the theme for the shower.

The invitations I made (obviously with personal information covered up) with Mom's help of course!

The girls!
Kristin, me, Katie (the soon-to-be Mama), Amanda and Katie's friend Michelle

The diaper cake we made for Katie! It was so much fun to do and it turned out so cute! Kristin, Amanda, and I did it one night the week before. It is made with all diapers, a blanket in the middle, and pacifiers, onesies and toys as accessories.

The favors
Kristin found chocolate frogs (frog shaped chocolate) at the local Confectionery

The tags I made on the frogs.

The baskets Kristin put together as decorations. Each one had a theme and they were all baby items for Katie. She even included the cute sock roses!

Dessert table

Mommy and Baby Frog cupcakes!
They ARE adorable...if I do say so myself!

The green food (including cucumber sandwiches with gummy frogs on top)

All the the fun frog pool!

Miss Layla giving me her "cheese!" smile!

We had everyone decorate a onesie for the new baby!

We also had a bottle drinking contest. Everyone had to drink 2 oz of orange juice through a baby bottle. It was super hard!

Check out the fun!
Kristin with all of the empty bottles.

Katie opened all of the presents....this it the cute frog humidifier from me!

And lastly, Katie checking out her diaper cake.

I had so much fun planning this shower with the other girls. I love to plan showers for my friends. I seriously enjoy thinking up cute little ideas to make people smile. People always think I must have my own wedding planned already because I am so organized about other people's showers....but not so much! We are coming along with the plans....but not as quickly as when I plan a shower!