Sunday, October 04, 2009

Garage, Lunch and PUMPKINS!

Saturday afternoon Mom came over and we looked at wedding invitations in catalogs to get some ideas. Then we went out to lunch and headed out shopping to look at more invitation ideas. I am super excited because I have figured out what I like...which is a HUGE step for me!

For lunch we went to a cute new little place in town. We had an appetizer with goat cheese and then split a Falafel Burger and Asparagus/Goat Cheese Crepes. YUM!
Yummy Goat Cheese!

While we were out shopping, the garage cleaning people were working away. They were working away ripping out the molded pieces of wood in the soffet and then sanding all the wood and treating everything. Then they cleaned all of my bins and shelving unit with their super strong stuff and also threw away all of my ruined stuff. It was too hard for me to do it (even if I am getting money for it).
Kind of reminds you of ET doesn't it?

Everything all treated! Now we just need to wait for the neighbor to get his taken care of and for the lawyers to fight over who has to pay for everything. =( Maybe I will have new drywall....before I get married?

Today we worked over at Adam's house. First we picked pumpkins that were ready. There are lots! We picked ones that are all orange and there are tons more that are close. Hopefully by next weekend we will pick all of the pumpkins and then it will be mid-October and we can sell lots! We already sold 2 to his neighbor and 10 gourds! I also washed EVERY SINGLE one of the 315 gourds in bleach and washed the 10 pumpkins we picked.

Me driving pumpkins around the field!
(Mom...I know this is a day you never thought you would see!)

I didn't mean to pick the green ones, the stems broke off the vines!

A HUGE pumpkin still in the field

One of our beautiful pumpkins we picked today.
Pumpkins for sale!!!

Adam worked on priming the trim today while his dad worked on fixing the trim around the windows.

The white trim up the side. Love it!
Oh yeah, and how COOL is the "Pumpkin" up all the way at the top??

Adam's niece was laying out the gourds (all 315 of them that I washed) to dry on a piece of plywood and I was wondering what the HECK was taking her so long. Then I saw! Very cool and creative! I took oh about.....567 pictures!