Friday, October 16, 2009

The Story of Some Carrots

Last weekend when we harvested pumpkins and washed the gourds, we also dug up the last carrots. "We" being me and Adam's niece Zondra.

I am not a good carrot farmer. I do not have the patience required to dig up carrots. Carrots are rooted so deep and you have to be very patient and dig all around the carrot before you try to pull or it will break off.

And break off it usually what happens to me!

However, with Zondra's help, I was much more patient and we dug up some beautiful carrots!

One wasn't so must have hit a rock, so it split and had 2 legs. It was....interesting!

That night I made cooked carrots that we super yummy! Adam loved them! I just microwaved them in some brown sugar and a little water and then added a little more brown sugar at the end. Yum!

Here are some of the HUGE carrots we harvested.

We were laughing about this carrot because we decided it looks like a naked girl. Seriously.

It even has buttocks!

Here are the yummy cooked carrots!