Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Swarf Swap

Join the fun

I am super excited about this!

A couple weeks ago I decided to participate in the Scarf Swap that Love of Life was hosting. I LOVE scarves and thought this would be an exciting activity to join.

I got matched up with Jackie from The Roaring Twenties who is so cute and I love her blog! I also love that these are two new blogs that I am excited to follow. Jackie gave me so much good information to help me pick out the perfect scarf. I had so much fun shopping to find one that would fit her perfectly. I hope it did! You should definitely head to her blog and check it cute!

Then I had the fun of receiving a package in the mail! I love packages in the mail!

When this cute package came in the mail I was so excited!

I put on my adorable new PINK scarf (I LOVE pink!) and took some dorky lovely pictures for you to see my new scarf!

(Yes, I am in my bathroom...and Yes, it took 300 pictures to get these 3).

Happy Scarf Day!
THANK YOU Jackie for the adorable scarf!