Saturday, October 17, 2009

Target find!

The other day after work friend-Erin and I were chatting (like we do quite often) and I mentioned that I wanted a new lightweight jacket. I had tried to find one last spring, however, there were only bathing suits available! Later on, I was at Target because....well....I am ALWAYS at Target and I found this on the clearance racks...for $20!

I have never in my life owned a red jacket. Really, I have never owned any brightly colored jacket. But I just loved it when I saw it!

But then I started having second thoughts. What do you think???

This was my other Target find. A long heavy grey sweater. I think it will be perfect for the cold days at school so I have something other than my ducklings sweatshirt to wear over my clothing!

Please excuse the pile of shoes in the background. I would NEVER leave piles and piles of shows by the front door.