Monday, November 16, 2009

The Fundraiser

In my last post, I talked about the fundraiser a wonderful family from church held for my sister's Women's Center. Here are some pictures!

There were pictures and maps and digital picture frames all over the house so everyone could check out what Erin's life is like.
Everyone made yummy food. This is soup that Mom made with Beef.

Couscous I made from a box and the Moroccan sweat tea with a huge ladle to add sugar (because those Moroccans love their sugar).

Yummy Mesemen (this was delicious!) and oranges with cinnamon.

The lady who did the henna and the manicurist.....they were wonderful people who donated a portion of their services so the profit could go to the Women's Center.

Mom's pretty henna bracelet and the hand massage girl giving Christina (my cousin) a hand massage.

My pretty henna!
Thank you again to everyone who is making her Women's Center possible!