Friday, November 13, 2009

Slouchy Boots, Skinny Jeans, and a Loveseat

The first part of this post is for sister-Erin because she said she couldn't believe I was talking about slouchy boots and skinny jeans! Embarrassingly enough...this all started because one of my students (keep in mind I teach preschoolers) came to school with cute tights and slouchy boots. I decided then and there, I was going to get me some slouchy boots. After I did at the awesome Payless sale, I knew skinny jeans were in my near future. I went to Express on Wednesday and was excited to find jeans Buy One Get One 50% off. AND I had a $30 off coupon! Rock on!

Express jeans rock my world....usually. Not the ultra low rise ones that barely cover my butt...but the other ones are awesome. I LOVE jeans. But I have huge jeans issues. I am so picky. Shirts, jackets, everything else, I love to bargain shop! But jeans.....oh jeans...they have to be nice. Now....I still do love a good bargain....hence my two pairs of jeans for $60 on Wednesday!

Anyway...I busted them out today...and had to take a self portrait in my full length mirror that may or may not have fallen off my door.....6 months ago...that I haven't put back up yet.

They were SO comfy today! We even walked to the mailbox in the neighborhood of the school two times today (in the morning and afternoon class!) and I was still comfortable. Oh yeah, and in the morning I had to carry a very tall, not so tiny almost 5 year old to and from the mailbox because I was a space cadet and forgot she has motor needs and can't walk that far without a wagon. So on my back she went. I think that was my workout for oh about....4 weeks!

The other SUPER exciting thing about today...besides my new that Adam and I bought our first piece of furniture together. We have been talking about how we will need more furniture because right now I only have a couch and chair and we will need way more for his big family room. I was just looking around on Craigslist the other day and happened upon a love seat that looked like it matched my furniture! Now...Craigslist made me a little nervous. But after lots of debate, we headed out to the house and found a pristine loveseat that matches my furniture exactly. We were just looking at each other like "This is perfect, right???". So for an amazing $165, we got a beautiful loveseat that matches my furniture and will better fill up his family room! We also saw an accent chair at Value City Furniture that is made from the SAME fabric as my accent pillows....but a $400 chair is not in our future at the moment.
Austin came over and helped us carry it into Adam's house. And we were able to pick it up because Aaron lent us his truck. Family is great! We are so lucky. And Austin helping him carry it resulted in far less swearing and yelling than if I was the one trying to help carry a couch!