Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who Done It? I did!

Last Saturday night Erin had a murder mystery party for her birthday...and it was a Twenties theme! I was SO excited about it leading up to the night and it was even more fun than I imagined. She bought a kit online and everyone got a character. I was Rebecca Ravioli, daughter of the Chicago Mob Boss, "Big Jim" Ravioli. We had background information about our character and a few things we had to do (I had to get in an argument with my dad about letting me marry who I want to). When we got our original info...I found out that I was the murderer! I was so excited...but I had to keep it to myself. It was so hard!

The girls from work:
Jen, me, Erin, Katie, Jen

At the beginning of the night we all received bags with a notepad to write down the info we found out, play money to bribe people, a gun, and more secret information that we weren't supposed to read yet.

Katie with her new husband, my dad, "Big Jim" Ravioli (played by the dog because he was to die soon).

Erin's husband Ted as the inspector. "Big Jim" was just shot and the Inspector had to share the clues. After that, we were able to read our second book of secret info. It contained more jobs that we were supposed to do as well as secrets about other players. This is where the fun started. We all had to have conversations with each other and we had to pay attention to what other people were doing and saying.

Katie and me

Erin and Me

After a couple hours, we were all called together. Everyone had to verbally guess who they thought the killer was. Only one person guessed me!

Erin (or Alice "Al" Capone) tallying the results of the Best Dressed and Best Performer contest.

And I won Best Performer! I was so excited! I may have been a little loud...but I took my part seriously!
It was such a fun night and I would love to do one of these again. Thank you so much Erin for hosting it!

You may have noticed that Adam was absent from the evening. He had to cancel at the last minute because of things going on at home. He was sorely missed...although my acting may have embarrassed him a maybe it is good he wasn't there!