Thursday, December 31, 2009

About Our Suburban Farm

About Me

Our Suburban Farm is my blog about my life. I have been blogging since 2006 and before that I had a plain old website for a couple of years. At that time I used it mainly to share pictures with my family. I have family spread out all over the US and family members would send me pictures and I'd post them for everyone to see. Around 2008 I started making the blog really my own. Since then I have been blogging about my life. 

But why Suburban Farm? 
Because that is the most unique aspect of my life. Growing up in the suburbs, I fought my parents tooth and nail when I was asked to weed the garden or even go play outside. When I was  in elementary school my mom was the only one of her friends firmly telling her child to "Put that book down and go play outside". I listened. Mostly. I did go outside. But I didn't put my book down. I walked laps around the back yard while reading my book. And still now you can occasionally find my watering my gardens with a book in my hand. But it is because I love doing both.

My Vegetable Garden

The Pumpkin Patch

Back to the point...
I am a total suburbanite. I love to drive my SUV (since middle school I have sworn off mini-vans- I know. We'll see what happens down the line). I hate driving into the city for events and the idea of public transportation gives me the heebie jeebies. The Super Target is my very favorite place to shop. You will find me there several times a week. In addition, I love having all of my favorite stores accessible in 15 minutes. 

Since I met and married Adam, however, there is a much different twist on my life. We live in an old farmhouse built in 1886. Our house, barn, chicken coop (sans chickens), and pumphouse sit on 3.3 acres of land in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. A friend was recently visiting and said, "It is like suburbs....BAM! Farm!" Adam's great-grandpa bought the land in the 30's and it has been in his family ever since. He bought it from his mother about 7 years ago (No gifts here. Trust me. We have quite the mortgage) and now we live here together. Since his original plan of subdividing didn't pan out for a multitude of reasons, we decided to do something with the land. 

Now we have a huge garden and a pumpkin patch. I spend my summers planting, weeding, harvesting, and pickling. I have learned many skills that I never even imagined. I love it. I still do get crabby when I break a nail or I have to reapply my new polish every other day when it gets ruined in the garden. But it is all worth it. I also spend my time reading, baking, cooking, crafting, being with family and friends, volunteering (I have a complete inability to say no) and internet-ing. 

I love the juxtaposition of these two aspects of my life: suburbs and farm.