Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day Celebrations

This is, once again, a slideshow full of lots of pictures that I know sister-Erin will love...and so will Mommom. I love that my grandma checks my blog 56 times a day...and they are on facebook! My grandparents rock!

Christmas morning we headed over to Adam's brother Tony's house for a celebration with the whole gang. We had a yummy breakfast and then opened LOTS of presents. It freaked me out a little bit that everyone was opening them at once. I like to WATCH everyone open their presents. But we would have been there for 45 hours if everyone opened them one at a time. But I made sure to watch when people opened gifts from us. Everyone was very generous and I feel very lucky.

After that, Adam and I stopped back at my house for a bit and exchanged gifts. Because he couldn't stick to just buying Wii for each other! He shocked me by getting me the Reebok Easy Tone shoes I have wanted for quite a while. I didn't know he knew how much I wanted them though!

Our last celebration of the day was at Mom and Dad's with the whole family (Grandpa, Aunt Mary, Christina, her BF Tony, Christian, Uncle Dave, Uncle Jimmy, Bonnie, Uncle Rich and at the end Elizabeth and Emily). We had another delicious meal and had lots of fun with the Wii! Uncle Dave even played Wii bowling with us...and if you know Uncle will definitely appreciate that! Adam tried his hardest to beat me on Hula no avail!

I hope everyone had a safe and merry Christmas as well.