Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

For my sister's viewing pleasure I have decided to post the pictures of Christmas Eve. Well anyone else can look too, but I know she will really want to see them. There are kind of a lot, so feel free to fast forward to the hilarious videos at the end.

We started off our Christmas celebrations by going to Mass. We went to the one where the youth choir sings because my family loves the youth choir. They did a beautiful job as always. Then we headed back to Mom and Dad's with Mom and Dad and Adam and me. We opened stockings and then chatted with Erin. It was so fun to video with her and I took a bunch of pictures of the screen. She so sweetly had books sent to us from Amazon that meant something for each of us (I have a bunch of new books to add to my shelf after yesterday!) so we opened them with her on video. We even took a family picture with the TV.

After that we ate a yummy dinner mom made and then had Christmas morning on Christmas Eve. Santa came early! Santa was very generous and we all had a lot of fun opening and giving gifts.

Although I do love to open gifts; it is SO exciting to open something that someone so thoughtfully got for you and it is is even better to GIVE. If I had unlimited money, I would buy presents for people all of the time. I love to come up with ideas that will make someone smile or find just the perfect gift for them. Or remember something they said once long ago and then surprise them with it!

Adam got a GPS and he is super excited and so am I so he doesn't call me and ask me to mapquest directions and text them to him! Dad got a BluRay player so we can't wait to see the quality on his big TV! Mom got a new knife set after 20 years. Adam and I got Wii and we had a ton of fun playing last night. We all got a bunch of neat things and it just makes me smile when I open a present that I want so much!

Back to the Wii....
O-MG! How fun! I knew it would be fun....but it was so fun! We busted it out last night and then left it at Mom and Dad's so we could play again tonight at the celebrations. It was made even better by the Wii Fit Plus I got at the Nintendo party I went to. Elizabeth, Emily (my cousins), and I had a great time and there are some hilarious videos of hula hooping. Unfortunately (for you) and luckily (for me) there are no videos of me. But I totally beat those young girls on super hula hooping. I may have been screaming, "My thighs are burning!!!!" by the end; but I did it!

I am off to celebrate some more today.

I hope everything has a very Merry Christmas and remembers what it is all about. A friend said on Facebook, "Wouldn't life be better if everyone acted a little more like Jesus?" and I agree. I am going to keep that in mind as we begin a new year!

Also, I heard this song on the radio last night and I just loved it.

Not just because I love country.
Not just because I love Taylor Swift.
But I love the words.