Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Comedy of Errors

I swear, I am not usually a klutz in the kitchen. But because I am still without a kitchen at my house, I had to do some food preparation at Mom and Dad's for New Years Eve.

First I needed to melt some butter. But apparently I put it in the microwave too it exploded everywhere. So then I had to melt some more. And then it was a little too much once I combined them, but I thought, "What the heck?" more butter is always yummier!

I was making beer bread and I needed to borrow Mom's loaf plan. Her loaf pan is 8.5x4.5 and the recipe calls for a 9x5 loaf pan, but Mom convinced me that she has made it many times in that one.

So I poured in my beer bread....I poured my (over abundance of ) butter on top...and I sprinkled on some Garlic Garlic so it has a buttery garlic yummy crust....and I put it in the oven.

After that, I went into the den to work on journaling for my scrapbook. After a while Dad called and needed me to look in the garage....

I got up....stepped out of the den...

Me-"OH NO! The smoke detector is going to go off! There is smoke everywhere!"
Dad-"Turn the fan on over the stove."
Me-"Oh crap! Oh crap! Something overflowed in the oven. My butter must have overflowed. Stupid small loaf pan! I can't reach the smoke detector to turn it off!"
Dad-"Wave something in front of it"
Me-(turn on fan, wave something in front of smoke detector, open back door, go back to waving) "Oh crap!"
Dad-"Are there flames?"
Me-(waving like a maniac because every time it turned off, it turned back on) "No. No flames....
So...Dad...what was it that you needed?"