Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Organization Makes Me Happy

So...I know it is a little lame.....but being organized makes me happy. Like it seriously makes me a little giddy.

I have had this little white shelf in my bathroom that mom bought for me a couple years ago. Every year at the big fair in my hometown, my mom buys me a couple little pieces for my shelf for the different holidays. I just LOVE all of the adorable little pieces for it! This year as a Thanksgiving gift, Mom got me a few more!

But I have just had them in a plastic bag in a cabinet and I have to dig through them every month when I change them. Until now! On Black Friday Joann had 40 or 50% off all of their storage containers and on top of that we had a 20% off your whole purchase coupon. So I got a couple neat storage containers and this is one of them!

All of my little pieces now!

My little pieces for November

The new ones put up for Christmas

My bathroom has a flip flop/beach theme because I pretty much love summer and the beach and I pretty much despise the cold. So I especially love my "Christmas in Paradise" and Santa in swim trunks pieces!
But there is one problem...

I don't know where I am going to put my little shelf in Adam's house! And I don't know where I am going to put all of my cute bathroom/flip flop stuff.
Want to see it? Here it is!