Saturday, December 19, 2009

Things that are making me happy!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year because I absolutely love shopping for presents for people. I am super anal about it and I have spreadsheets of what I bought and what I spent on each person. And I write down ideas and they are highlighted until I complete the person and then they are unhighlighted and that means I am done with them. And then the next year I can call up my list and know everyone that I need to buy for. And I write down ideas all year when I get them!

So although everything is crazy right now....I still do love this time of year.

I also love thoughtful and creative gifts. So I just wanted to post about 2 gifts that mad me smile this week.

The first one was from a student. It is just thoughtful and personal and it really makes me smile. First, is a notepad with my name and the name of the school and cute handprints. Second, the same family also got me a personalized tote bad for our Family of the Week. I just love this thoughtful and original idea. And it is going to come in very handy because coming up in January we are going to have 3 kids as family of the week at the same time and currently we only have 2 Family of the Week bags! When it is a child's turn to be Family of the Week, he/she gets to bring home the bag and bring something to share each day that week. Now they will have a cute bag made by a student's family.

The other gift that really made me smile this week was from Bridget. We exchanged Christmas gifts at school and she had this adorable Fourth of July floor mat made for me with my new last name! She also got us a super cute engaged snowman couple ornament! But this floor mat is so original and I do heart flip flops!
I have already received a lot of other neat gifts that have made me smile during this trying week. I have also really made out in terms of gift cards this year from students and for great places like Target! At school we had a Secret Santa Scarf Exchange instead of the normal Secret Santa and I received a pretty scarf for that as well. And I also got some adorable painted Christmas wine glasses from a friend that I am super excited to use.

In fact....I really could use some wine right about now....