Friday, December 18, 2009

Wallpaper Round 2

Because my house depresses me right now...and makes me feel awfully claustrophobic, I am going to tackle the second room of wallpaper at Adam's house (my future house!). The kitchen has this lovely straw-like wallpaper on the walls. Tonight I went over there while Adam worked on the electric and started to rip off the first layer. I didn't get more done than that because the water restoration people needed to come over (at 8:30!) to add a machine.

Tomorrow will be the two layers underneath.

Although, it is such nice wallpaper. Do you think maybe I should have left it???


Yeah. Right.

The straw-like wallpaper

Nice and torn up in some areas.

The pile I ripped off the walls.

What the room looks like now. The orange stuff is the backing to the straw. And the light beige stuff is the adhesive. So I will have to try to get both layers off. Also, I found out underneath the walls are in pretty bad shape. So I don't really know what we are going to do with that....