Friday, December 11, 2009

WHY do you want to sit in the attic?

So I was granted permission to post a few pictures that I took tonight. =)

Adam, his dad and my dad are working on the house right now. Thank goodness for wonderful family. I stopped over there to bring dinner to Adam and catch up on how things were going. I had a lot to work on tonight for the Christmas program I am running at church this weekend. Pretty much I am ready to jump out a window with all the things I have to do....

But anyway....

I am so excited to see progress at the house and even more excited that there won't be raccoon droppings in the attic anymore. It smells so normal now!

While I was there I decided that it would be really fun to climb up and sit on a beam in the attic with my legs hanging down in the room. The drywall will go up Monday so this is my last chance! The men all thought it was an odd thing to want to do. But I thought it would make for a cool picture. I also reminded Dad that I used to climb up in their attic at their old house with my friends in middle school and we would hang out there. Why? I have no idea. Privacy I guess!

There I am!

Adam down below!

And Adam putting up a box for a light fixture in the second bedroom.
Me=loving progress!