Saturday, January 16, 2010

Climbing Out of My Comfort Zone

I just got home from a lovely evening with some even more lovely ladies at Erin's house. Since I am one of the lucky ones who lives uber close (not the closest though), I have already been able to stalk them on twitter and on their blogs.

But...back to the beginning of my day...


Last year I was asked to be on the "Steering Committee" at my church. It is the leadership team for the church. We have Town Hall meetings 5 times a year and in between have meetings with our team and the pastor. At our last Steering Committee meeting, I was taking the notes...because...well....I like to do that. And someone said, "How about you chair the next meeting Stephanie?". I graciously declined. She followed up with, "But you have done all the work and taken all of the notes!" I graciously declined again and suggested maybe a future meeting would be better. But she suggested it again and I decided that I should just take the plunge and do it.

I really enjoy all the background stuff...taking notes, making sure we stay on topic, etc, however, the idea of chairing the Town Hall meeting terrified me. I typed up the agenda, contacted the people I needed to contact and sat around super nervous about it.

This morning was the meeting and I really surprised myself. After I ran through the "process" again with a fellow committee person ("First I bang the gavel? And then what do I say? And after that?") to make sure I was on the right page, I began the meeting and I think it went really well. Anyone who has attended a meeting with me knows that I have no fear of voicing my opinions. Sometimes I feel like I need to go to a support group for that.

"Hi. My name is Stephanie and I have too many opinions."

It also gets me in trouble because I have so many opinions, but I strongly feel that you shouldn't complain unless you are willing to do something about it. So that is how I find myself on every committee at church and work. And how I joined another one today. Gah! I TRIED to sit on my hands!

I think the hardest part about the meeting was knowing when to let someone keep talking (it is a Town Hall meant to share thoughts and discussions) and when to wrap up a topic and move on. But overall I think it went pretty well. It was also a little difficult to participate in the discussion (because you KNOW I have opinions) and watch for anyone else who wanted to so I could call on them. I think it was good that I took the plunge to do it. I know it is good to get out of my comfort zone occasionally.


One of my favorite's from this season.

The second part of my day was a lot more exciting. As I said earlier, I just got back from Erin's house from a Glee party! She had a bunch of girls over to eat yummy dips (the recipe will be coming soon girls), chat, and watch Glee! Of course we thoroughly enjoyed Glee. I could watch that show over and over. Mostly because I would give my left hand to be able to sing like that. And keep in mind my hands are my job, so that is quite the sacrifice!

The most interesting part about the ladies I hung out with tonight....they were mostly bloggers! I know Katie and Erin IRL, however, the rest are Erin's blogger friends. It was different for me to spend the afternoon and evening with a group of girls that I have never met or only met briefly. They are such an open carefree group and I was constantly laughing. From videotaping a song, to laughing about the show, witnessing a crazy duet, and participating in a video blog blogger was quite the experience.

Sometimes I don't understand myself. Sometimes I can be super outgoing and very myself, however, other times I can be a lot more reserved....which I guess is myself too? I had a lot of fun tonight, but at the same time, I didn't feel like I was quite myself. It can take me a while to warm up in new situations, but I don't understand why because everyone was super nice and very fun.

Hmmm....maybe wine would have helped me open up?

Although watching this video did help!

Even if I didn't quite feel as if I was being myself the whole night, I had a great time and I hope to have the opportunity to spend time with these ladies again.

P.S. Apparently I am in the minority in my generation to think Conan is a doofus.
P. S. S. I have never seen these wild man shows.
P. S. S. S. Did I mention I really wish I could sing?