Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

We spent New Years Eve at Adam's brother's house. We had a fun gathering with a small group and the Wii kept us entertained all night! Heidi and Austin (Adam's bro) brought their Just Dance game and I can't imagine many people worked out as hard as we did on NYE! I certainly burned off all of the calories I was drinking. =)

We counted down to the new year and then I was super excited to say that "We are getting married THIS YEAR!". I also hugged all of Adam's bros and told them they were going to be my BIL this year. =)

Of course we took some fun and LONG video of the dancing, so I don't expect you to watch it all! I know sister-Erin will get a kick out of it though. AND for her sake....I included some video of myself hula hooping!