Friday, January 29, 2010

How to *NOT* buy a bathroom vanity

Adam and I have been on the hunt for a new vanity for our master bath for quite some time now. We really like dark colored wood and wanted to find a vanity with dark wood for our new bathroom. We have also been looking at granite countertops ($$$). The bathroom that we designed calls for a 60" vanity because how awesome will it be to have two sinks?!!

During all of these home improvements, my dad taught us about HOBO. It is an amazing place if you are decorating or remodeling! Amazing deals! Some stuff is junk, but a lot is worth it!

At HOBO they have a couple colors of vanities in 60", but not the color we want. I remember one they had in the color we want a couple months ago. However, the thing about HOBO is if you like it, you better buy it, because it may not be there next time. And they don't have it any more.

We were able to find a dark wood 60" vanity at one place. We really liked it! But it was $250 more than the ones at HOBO and at this point we just can justify $250 for a color.

Last weekend we went to HOBO and looked at what they had again.

This is what we found:

vanity (this one isn't actually 60", but the right color)

countertop (there are limited colors there, but a better price than ANYWHERE we have found)

We also went to IKEA last weekend to look there! luck on the vanities. We did find a desk we really liked though! We are each going to need a computer desk with our respective computers and stuff for our office. So matching desks would probably look less tacky.

Here is the desk we found!
We talked and talked about it....
And then decided to go back to HOBO on Thursday this week with Adam's bro and his truck to purchase the maple vanity and countertop. We got there, it was all good...there was a sign on the other one saying out of stock....but not on the one we wanted!

We started wandering the store.
And found this vanity with a bum legged (including countertop, sinks, and faucets) discounted for $800. We really liked the style and Adam asked the manager and he agreed to come down to $557. Holy Moly! What a deal!
So the three of us spent quite a bit of time inspecting it. We like the style A LOT. We LOVE the rectangular sinks.
Aaron even climbed on the ground inspecting it from underneath.

Looking inside...opening and shutting the cabinets....

The AWESOME rectangular sinks
But...then we decided that the quality just wasn't there. There is so much we like about the vanity, however, you can tell it is just a lot more cheaply made. It was a hard decision because of the price and style, however, we decided it would be worth it to have a better quality vanity in the long run. But I love those rectangular bowls!!!!

So we went back to the other section to purchase the maple vanity for sure. After about an hour there....hemming and hawing....we had FINALLY decided. The guy working there sent me to get a flat bed cart and then.....
they decided to tell they were out of stock.

I was so annoyed.

I said, "There is an out of stock sign on THAT one. But THAT is not the one we want. THIS one is."
So they guy walked over and took off the "Out of Stock" sign and said, "We got a new shipment of this one. But the one you want is still out of stock."
I pretty much just stomped out of there. If we had walked in and seen an Out of Stock sign, we would have just left and saved an hour of our lives!

Oh well....we will be back in 2 weeks when their truck comes in and hopefully they will have more!